Your body is eating only for you

Personalized nutritional coaching rooted in your specific needs and goals

Together we will create your one-of-a-kind nutritional plan that can produce the steps to a balanced and healthy-driven lifestyle.

Under your health insurance policy, a personal nutrition coach can end up costing next to nothing.

Take your chance for more QUALITY of LIFE!

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Online nutrition coaching

My services at one glance

Dietetic Treatment

I create practical solutions for incompatibilities, indigestions, intestinal diseases, rheumatism, gout, high cholesterol levels, carcinosises, hashimoto and so much more.

Personal Training

I am passionate about enabling you with customized exercise plans.

With myself as your committed professional facilitator, reach your own personal training goals one step at a time.

Nutritional Advice

Do you ever feel confused about whose advice to follow? Are you ever confused by endless recommendations, flashy trends, and overwhelming amounts of conflicting information?

You can walk away from this tedious process by coupling with me as I empower you to lay out the steps to a personalized nutritional plan.

I offer an abundance of specialized recommendations, such as tips in grocery shopping, personalized check lists for food storage, a variety of individual and group cooking classes.

Support in life crisis situations

Special circumstances require special measures.

For instance, perhaps you care for one of your relatives, and you are concerned about their declining nutrition. There can be feelings of concern tied with the uncertainty of the changes in diet and the person’s needs. On the other hand, maybe due to the strain and stress of caring for a loved one, you have begun to loose sight of your own health as well. By working together with me, I can encourage you to adquiere a new perspective to find a more satisfying equilibrium in your day-to-day life. I’m capable to coach you in how to improve the nutritional value of your family’s diet, considering your individual needs.

As a certified dietician, I am equipped to support you with strategies for your food plan.

You will broaden your understanding about your body and its feedback with my expertise and experience. As a team, we will search for solutions and make adjustments to improve the process of your personal nutrition.

This all adds up to an engaging and dynamic process in discovering the simplicity of healthy living.

Before you know it, you will be mastering your progress to a healthier you.

I offer you a pathway to applying scientifically proven knowledge with a professionally trained personal assistant perspective.

About myself:

My passion for sports blossomed when I was fourteen years-old and I discovered my enthusiasm for salsa dancing. I began spending even free evening delighting in all its aspects, until this very day, it is still close to my heart. My inspiration to move my body was so intense, that I was determined to live it out by becoming a gymnastics teacher.

When I was young, I seized the opportunity to live in Central America for a period of time. Impacted by a new world vision captured while living abroad, I came back to finish my education in Germany. Upon redefining my vision, I decided to train as a dietitian.

Over my years of experience, I have witnessed how strongly humans can be influenced by their ideas and habits related to nutrition, both in good and bad ways. Personally, I know how aggressively some antibiotics can respond in the body and how they can cause side effects that can affect digestion significantly. Throughout my studies, life experiences and cases, I have applied a gama of strategies that both myself and patients have discovered excellent results in fully living a proper quality of life and working towards goals. The results have been astounding.

I´m privileged to share my expertise and holistically support my fellow patients to becoming healthier and more satisfied with their progress, one person at a time.

Take the first 3 steps to reach your goal:

Throw frustration out the window…


Choose your desired date in my online calendar directly


Start by completing the nutrition diary for our first appointment.


Share a current medical certificate from your doctor.

From now on, we’ll take off……


You can apply for the subsidy from your health insurance company:

You need the following documents for the health insurance company:

Send a COPY of the medical necessity certificate together with the cost estimate, the professional certificate and the VDD certificate to your health insurance company.

You will usually receive approval from your health insurance company within 14 days. Please keep the approval in your documents.